Artist and Introduction Talks

Experience artists in conversation and gain deep insights into the concert programs - this is what various formats around the Musikfestival invite you to do

One hour before the start of the concert there will be the introductory meeting Notenschlüssel. Music enthusiast and author Marcus Imbsweiler opens up further perspectives and background information on the program and enters into dialogue with the artists or composers.

The artist talk following the concert allows the music and the experience to resonate. In an approachable setting, the audience learns exciting facts about the artists' careers and their individual approach to the works. The artist talk will be led by Anselm Cybinski, overall dramaturge of Heidelberger Frühling.

The DAI and the Heidelberger Frühling cooperate on three Musical Sundays events that explicitly deal with the festival's thematic topics and skilfully prepare the associated concerts. The talks of the popular musical Sunday matinee will be led by two music enthusiasts Marcus Imbsweiler (author) and Timo Jouko Herrmann (composer, violinist and conductor).