Day trip to Marbach
with curator's tour of the exhibition "Sing! Song + Literature"

1 Dec 2023

The members of the Freundeskreis go on a day trip to the city of Marbach am Neckar. They start with a guided tour of the birthplace of Friedrich Schiller, which offers them interesting insights. In the afternoon, they will be guided by curator Gunilla Eschenbach through the exhibition "Sing! Lied + Literatur" at the Museum of Modern Literature, which recently got off to a very successful start.

The exhibition is based on the music collection of the German Literature Archive in Marbach, which is used to illuminate the past and new role of the art song in popular digital culture: "Around 50 exhibits are arranged on the basis of five basic human situations - birth, nature, love, politics and death - and made to sound by means of listening stations. Of many song exhibits, no recording is tangible. Young singers from the music academies in Frankfurt a.M., Mannheim and Stuttgart sing the songs especially for the exhibition. An interactive SongToolBox allows visitors to create 'their' song, take it home and share it with others. In this interactive setting, which ties in with everyday knowledge, the song exhibits can be experienced in a new and contemporary way."

Meeting point: at 8:45 at Heidelberg main station

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