Chaired by competition founder Thomas Quasthoff, the jury is made up of a changing cast of top-class personalities who have played a major role in shaping the genre of art song in recent decades. It evaluates the participants according to a point system from one to five in the categories voice quality, technical ability, musical composition, diction and charisma. Their own students may not be evaluated in this process.

The jury for the 2023 competition included Thomas Quasthoff (chair), James Bailieu, Juliane Banse, Bernada Fink, John Gilhooly, Helga Machreich-Unterzaucher, Richard Stokes, James Taylor and Justus Zeyen.

Thomas Quasthoff

James Baillieu

Juliane Banse

Bernarda Fink

John Gilhooly

Helga Machreich-Unterzaucher

Richard Stokes

James Taylor

Justus Zeyen